Maisaa is all about being sustainable, this reflects in the way we pack our wraps. We use bags made from a plant starch-based bio-resin. They have an extra glue line so you can reuse the bag once. After use you can discard them in your green waste. The bags are 100% compostable! 
For larger orders we use cardboard boxes. 


We want to create as little waste as possible. In your package you will find a small note printed on recycled paper with information about washing and safety. On our website you can find our extended guides. We want to safe trees so we avoid printing long guides on paper. 


Our new lines (Pure and Royal) are packed in a 70x70cm fabric piece. This packing method is called Furoshiki, or Japanese gift wrapping. You can do a lot more with a 70x70cm piece of fabric then you would think. Take it to the grocery store and use it as a bag, wear it as a scarf, use it to gift wrap, make a hipbag for your wallet and cellphone. We will upload movie tutorials of this soon!