Our wraps are cut longer to allow for the initial shrinking.
The list below shows the approx. length of each size of wrap.


SIZE 2 = 2.7M
SIZE 3 = 3.2M
SIZE 4 = 3.7M
SIZE 5 = 4.2M
SIZE 6 = 4.7M
SIZE 7 = 5.2M
SIZE 8 = 5.7M
On pre-order we can produce shorter or longer wrap sizes. These are usually announced on our Facebook page.


A wrap in your base size is suitable for most carries.
Keep in mind that factors such as wrapping a larger child, using a thicker wrap, or a preference for longer tails may require a size up.
The list below shows the base sizes in EU clothing sizes.


Size 32 – size 4
Size 34/36 – size 5
Size 38 t/m 44 – size 6
Size 46 t/m 50 – size 7