In short:

~ wash before use

~ liquid detergent without fabric softeners, bleach or optical brighteners

~ for wool use a wool detergent without lanolin and enzymes

~ don’t tumble dry

~ handwash is recommended for wool

~ dry wool flat after gently squeezing out excess water


We encourage you to always read the care label in your sling. It will guide you on how to treat your sling with care. Always wash your new wrap before use. Our slings come in loom state and are not ready to wear. Washing your sling will allow the weave to set and prevent thread shifting.


We want you to enjoy your sling for as long as possible. This means that the sling should be treated gently – something that will benefit you and the environment.


We recommend that you only wash your sling when needed. It may not be necessary to wash them every time they have been worn. Small spots can mostly be removed without washing the entire sling.

Furthermore, reducing the temperature of the wash can have a major influence on the environment. Slings can definitely be washed at lower temperatures than those given in the washing instructions – this simply indicates the maximum washing temperature.


We do not recommend tumble drying your sling as it might damage and shrink the fibers. Air drying also saves energy and reduces environmental impact.


For best results, use a mild liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softener or detergents that contain bleach or optical brighteners. While fabric softeners make your clothes feel and smell wonderful, they add a coating to the fabric surface which can impair the properties of your sling.


Our Royal line is woven on merino wool. Please take extra care while washing. Wash in gentle, lanolin-free, enzyme-free detergent suitable for wool.


If you trust your washing machine you could wash your sling on the wool cycle, temperature as low as possible and low spin.


If you choose to hand wash, make sure that you don’t rub the sling. Wool shrinks (by felting) because of sudden differences in temperature and because of friction. Do not soak your sling for a longer time.


When rinsing, make sure that the temperature of the rinsing water is the same as the washing water.


Never hang your wool sling to dry. Gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat on towels. When the wraps is mostly dried you can iron it on low setting and air dry it. 


Moths love all-natural fibers. You can repel the pesky critters by adding mothballs, lavender & cedarwood to your storage place.