Wrap Care

Our slings arrive in loom state and need to be washed before their first use.
This will allow the weaving to set and it will help prevent pulls and thread shifting.


It is important to look over your sling thoroughly for any flaws before washing.

Always follow the instructions on the tag.


A liquid laundy detergent with no optical brighteners or fabric softeners is the best option for washing woven slings.

Durings it’s first wash your sling will shrink, which is normal. The sling is cut longer to allow for that initial shrinkage.
The sling will relax out again after ironing or wear, and will regain a lot of its lost lenght.


Tumble drying is not recommended as it decreases the life of any fabric.



Maisaa has machine washable and hand wash only slings.



Wash at 30 degrees Celsius with a low spin and line dry in the shade. Steam iron on medium heat.
Do not soak your sling in water or vinegar for several hours before the first wash.



Swirl in lukewarm water with a gentle liquid detergent for wool/delicates without lanolin. Rense gently in clean water, same temperature as the previous bath, and do not use running water.
Gently squeeze off any excess water (without wringing), roll in towels and press the roll to remove excess water.
Dry flat in the shade.
Gently iron on silk setting while slightly damp, without adding steam.